Summer is quickly coming to a close...don't kill the messenger! But it's a great time to adjust your skin care routine, just like transitioning to your Fall wardrobe. Below are some suggestions that will renew and revive your skin as we move into the new season.

Exfoliation - After all the fun in the sun, exfoliation can be an effective step to restoring your skin after potential damage from the sun. Try using alpha hydroxy acids to exfoliate the build up of dead cells on the skin. This will also help lighten and brighten the skin. If exfoliation seems daunting to you, try getting a professional peel and enjoy some pampering, in addition to an effective peel.

Hydration - The sun sure feels great and is beneficial to us as long as we mind the dosage. Too much exposure can deplete the moisture and collagen in our skin, which can lead to dryness and age the look and feel of our skin. Over dry skin can enhance the look of fine lines, which is not something we want to enhance. It's important to keep our skin hydrated and balanced.

Sunscreen - No matter what the season, sunscreen is your friend to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. We recommend a sunscreen that can protect you from UVA and UVB rays. One suggestion that is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation is Epionce's Daily Shield Tinted SPF 50. It is light and has a tint that can used on all skin types. This can be purchased in our retail area or online at with Professional Code 20160512. Enjoy free ground shipping when you use our code and receive extra perks as a Preferred Shopper with complimentary Epionce samples.

You Are What you what they say! There's no doubt summer can be filled with hot dogs, burgers and fries, among other tasty treats. These types of foods can affect your skin. The health of your skin starts from the inside out. Getting into the routine of healthy eating can only help with your skincare goals and fall into better looking skin!